Do You Have an Idea for a Game?

While we already have numerous games in various stages of development, we do consider outside games for possible consultation, joint development, licensing, and outright purchase — all on a case-by-case basis.

Most individuals are not aware of the laborious and expensive path involved in creating a successful game of chance for the professional gaming industry. This is exactly why less than a handful of games are approved each year by the various state gaming commissions. And even more do not overcome the hurdles of casino scrutiny or acceptance by the players or dealers. To say the least, each individual game element makes it or breaks it in the real world of casino gaming.

We believe we have developed a rather unique formula for determining the true potential for any legitimate game from the early stages of development forward, and throughout the life of its patent – both domestic and international. As we say, not all games are created equal, and many proposed games contain unforeseen obstacles to obtaining gaming licenses and full approval in many states and countries.

Our consulting services include:

  • Mathematical Analysis – Fundamental and Advanced
  • Overall Game Design & Layout
  • Rules of Play – Complete, including Wagering Selections & Alternatives
  • Graphic Treatment – Logo / Signage / Rack Cards / Promotional Materials
  • Name Generation – How to Name the Game & Why
  • Domestic & International Patent(s) – Search & Complete Filing(s)
  • Domestic & International Trademark(s) – Search & Complete Filing(s)
  • Patent Potential – Anticipated Income for Patent Life Cycle
  • Live-Action Play – Research Group / Player Feedback and Opinions
  • Beta-Testing Assistance – Proper Placement / Regulations & Requirements
  • Casino Management & Professional Dealer Read-Out – Complete
  • State Gaming Commissions – Approval Process / Where & How Long
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies for Approved Games – Domestic & International
  • $$$ – What to Expect / Full Development Costs / Anticipated Income
  • All Formats: Table Games, Translated Slot Play, Internet Online Gaming, etc.

Each one of the items mentioned above are important elements in the creation of a fully protected, casino/player friendly, income-worthy game. It’s a complete and fascinating challenge to create a game that balances player entertainment and expectations with that of the realistic, yet minimal, house edge the casinos require to stay in business. Achieving this delicate balance is the ultimate goal and serves as the cornerstone of any successful game making its way onto casino tables throughout the land.

Please feel free to contact us about any aspect of your game. We will provide you with more details on how we might be able to help you at any given stage. Again, thank you for your interest in our company, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Forster/Young International Gaming, LLC